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Qiansheng focus on reliable quality with competitive price

   COMPANY PROFILE: Hebei Qiansheng Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. is a production, sale,R&D integrated manufacturer. Products are exprted to Europe,Asia,Africa and many ohter countries and regions. As a manufa-cturer qiansheng has its own modern office facilities and standardized plants, absorb advanced technology and developed its own technology road in the years of development, greatly enhance the product development capabilities.

Leading Industrial Wire Mesh & Metal Product Integration Provider

Whether you are to solve your project customization needs or want to develop a local wholesale business of certain metal products. Qiansheng Wire Mesh can provide the good quality and price, punctual delivery time and stable supply capacity that guarantees your interests here, and exceed expectations.

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Certified Company

ISO 9001:2015 certified factory and exporter. All of our products comply with ISO, ASTM standards and are inspected one by one.

Delivery on Time

Each project is planned and clients are info-rmed throughout the production schedule to ensure timely updates and delivery of the orders on time or advanced.

Low Price

We provide quotes and our sales staff can help to ensure that the client’ s budget is met with comparable products from other providers. 

First-Class Raw Material

First-Class Raw Material from Taigang Group, Baogang Group, Shougang Group and famous certificated suppliers.

Social Responsibility

Truth & Honesty, Social Responsibility, every of our staffs obey all the local laws and international trading rules.

Easy Communication

Easy communication and prompt reply of your Requirements and Claims in 2 hours.

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