358 Anti Climb Fence

Unbreakable Security Barrier, Where Safety Knows No Boundaries!

358 Anti Climb Fence

358 Anti Climb Fence

358 Mesh Fence is crafted from high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel wire, providing excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance. With customizable options in height, dimensions, and colors, we cater to our customers’ unique needs.

  • Certified and Standards: ISO9001,CE,BV and SGS.
  • Quality Assurance: The product undergoes rigorous quality control and testing, providing a warranty period of 1-10 years.
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product Overview

   358 security fence is a highly attractive yet seriously secure fencing solution, popular across a wide range of applications due to its excellent strength, easy erection, and intrusion-resistant anti-climb properties. The panels are welded with high-quality carbon steel wires, making it virtually impossible to climb or break through, proven in prison environments.

   The name “358” is derived from its measurements, with mesh openings of approximately 76.2mm*12.7mm*4mm  (3″*0.5″*8 gauge wire diameter). This high-security fencing is renowned worldwide as an anti-climb and anti-cut through barrier while maintaining a low visual impact on the surroundings. The small mesh aperture effectively prevents unauthorized access and makes it challenging to breach with conventional hand tools.

   Qiansheng Wire Mesh utilizes high-quality metal wires, strong welding technology, and anti-corrosion coating to ensure the product’s performance and appearance. In addition to its high-security protection, the fence’s stylish appearance and excellent visibility through the mesh add a certain decorative effect to the border protection.

Features and Advantages

  • Strong welded point: High-strength welding at each intersection.
  • Anti-climb: The opening holes are so small that even fingers cannot penetrate in.
  • Anti-cut: Bolt cutter and wire cutter cannot make itself through the narrow holes, therefore the fence won’t be destroyed.
  • Durable: High corrosion resistance, the panel is evenly galvanized and PVC coated to ensure a long service life.
  • Visibility: Mesh structure provides excellent visibility for easy visual monitoring.
  • Easy install: Can handle complex terrain, allows installation on level or sloping sites.
  • Multiple: A variety of fence styles and appearance colors are available.
Anti Cutting Mesh 01

technical specification

Different from other welded wire mesh panels, the size of 358 mesh fencing panels is usually fixed. The 3″ × 5″ mesh design gives the safety protection function of anti-cutting and anti-climbing. In addition to 358 mesh, there are 356, 3510 mesh, they just have different wire diameters.Several panels can be installed on top of each other. Thus may be achieved a total height of 6300 mm.

  • Material: Low carbon steel wire.
  • 358 Mesh: 3″ × 0.5″ × 8# (76.2mm × 12.7mm × 4.0mm)
  • 356 Mesh: 3″ × 0.5″ × 6# (76.2mm × 12.7mm × 4.8mm)
  • 3510 Mesh: 3″ × 0.5″ × 10# (76.2mm × 12.7mm × 3.2mm)
  • Mesh Panel Height: 1.5m – 5.2m
  • Mesh Panel Width: 2.0 – 3.0m
  • Weld strength: range 540–690 N/m2.
  • Colors: Green RAL 6005, or Black RAL 9005.
  • Surface treatment: 358 mesh fence panels made from galfan wire, then PVC powder coating (Min. 100 micron), or PVC powder painting. It provides additional protection and increases the potential life span.
358 high security fence 2d

Fence Panel Styles

We provide a variety of styles to improve the aesthetics of the 358 mesh fence.

358 High Security Fence 03 2
Horizontal 358 Mesh Fence
Vertical 358 high security fence
Vertical 358 Mesh Fence
358 High Security Fence 01 3
3D-358 Mesh Fence
358 High Security Fence 03 3
Wave Style

2D Security Fencing with 4mm double horizontal wire and 6mm vertical wire for greater strength.

With reinforced panels, boasting 6mm vertical wires and additional 4mm wires spaced at 152.4mm intervals on the inner face, our fence exemplifies unparalleled strength. This unique design features double horizontal wires at 152.4mm centers, rendering the panel exceptionally rigid and elevating its strength and security to surpass that of common 358 mesh fences. Widely embraced in schools, industrial sites, infrastructure, and high-security areas, our 2D Security Fencing stands as the epitome of reliability and protection.

2d mesh fence panel

3D security fence stands out with adorned pressed horizontal 'V' shaped beams.

Our 3D security fence shares similarities with the 358 mesh fence, both utilizing 4.0mm wire in a 12.7 × 76.2mm mesh pattern. However, what sets the 3D security fence apart is its distinctive pressed horizontal ‘V’ shaped beams, enhancing its appearance and creating a unique barrier solution that combines safety with aesthetic appeal. This fencing option is highly recommended for schools, recreational areas, hospitals, railways, ports, airports, warehouses, and various industrial or commercial facilities. Its versatility and elegance make it a top choice for those seeking both security and visual allure.

3d 358 mesh fence

358 Mesh Fence Specifications

Fence height (m)Panel size
(Height × Width) (mm)
Fence Post
(Height × Size × Thick)
Clamp Bar
(Height × Width × Thickness)
Middle or corner
Clamp No. (pcs)
22007 × 25152700 × 60 × 60 × 2.52007 × 60 × 5.007 or 14
2.42400 × 25153100 × 60 × 60 × 2.52400 × 60 × 5.009 or 18
32997 × 25153800 × 80 × 80 × 2.52997 × 80 × 6.0011 or 22
3.33302 × 25154200 × 80 × 80 × 2.53302 × 80 × 6.0012 or 24
3.63607 × 25154500 × 100 × 100 × 3.03607 × 100 × 7.0013 or 26
4.24204 × 25155200 × 100 × 100 × 4.04204 × 100 × 8.0015 or 30
4.54496 × 25155500 × 100 × 100 × 5.04496 × 100 × 8.0016 or 32
5.25207 × 25156200 × 120 × 120 × 5.05207 × 100 × 8.0018 or 36

Fence Post Specifications

  • Post Material: High grade steel for maximum strength and rigidity.
  • Post Section: 60 × 60 mm, 80 × 60 mm, 80 × 80 mm, 100 × 100 mm, 120 × 120 mm
  • Post Plate Thickness: 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 5.0 mm
  • Finish: Inside and outside galvanized (Min. 275 g/m2),
    Then powder coating in green or black color. (Min. 60 micron).
  • Accessories: Rain Cap(metal caps or plastic cap), Metal Clips, Anti Theft  Screw, Y arm  Support
  • Metal clips and clamps are hot dip galvanised then powder coating in green or black color.
358 Fence Post 01

Fence Topping

Like other fence products, some additional safety measures are usually added to the top of the 358 welded mesh for higher security.

358 High Security Fence 03 1
Razor Wires
top barbed wire
Barbed Wires
top spikes
Anti Climb Spikes

application scenario

    358 welded wire fence extra high security fence is an impenetrable barrier, designed to thwart climbing and cutting attempts. It’s ideal for various applications, from electronic alarm systems to prisons, military sites, airports, and commercial properties. Suitable for warehouses, power plants, seaports, hospitals, schools, parks, and more, it ensures lasting security with an attractive appearance. For different needs, 3.60m height is common in schools and parks, while 5.20m height is widely used in prisons and military areas.

358 High Security Fence 03 4
358 High Security Fence 01 4
358 High Security Fence 01 1
358 High Security Fence 01 2

Packaging & Shipping

Fence Panel Packing:
1. Plastic film at the bottom to avoid the panel destroyed.
2. 4 metal corners to ensure the panel strong and uniform.
3. wood plate at the top of the pallet.
4. pallet tube size:40*80mm tubes at the bottom vertical position.

Fence Post Packing:
1. Plastic cap cover onto the post.
2. Plastic film + metal pallet for fence post.

Accessories Packing:
1. Stainless steel nuts and screws install with clips.
2. 5 sets clips load into one plastic bag.
3. 12 bags into one carton box.

358 mesh fence package

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