Chicken Wire Mesh

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Chicken Wire Mesh

    Chicken Wire mesh is a twisted woven wire netting, lightweight, flexible and easily fabricated. Galvanized hexagonal woven wire mesh is popularly used in GABIONS making and various fencing for poultry, garden and plants.

  • Certified and Standards: ISO9001,CE,BV and SGS.
  • Quality Assurance: The product undergoes rigorous quality control and testing, providing a warranty period of 1-10 years.
  • After-Sales Service: We offer prompt product repair and replacement services to ensure smooth usage for our customers.
  • Delivery Guarantee: We commit to delivering the products according to the agreed-upon delivery schedule, ensuring that the products arrive at the customers’ hands on time.

Product Overview

    Chicken wire mesh, also known as chicken wire or poultry netting, is a versatile and widely used wire mesh. It’s commonly used in constructing chicken coops and other animal enclosures. Moreover, hex netting offers a cost-effective solution for securing various materials, such as insulation on roofs. It’s also suitable for a range of home and garden projects.

    Our galvanized hexagonal wire mesh is a versatile woven material with hexagonal openings. It serves various purposes, including applications in chicken coops, rabbit fencing, rockfall netting, gabion baskets, and slope protection. We offer both hot-dipped and electro-galvanized options, with wire diameters ranging from 0.4 mm to 5 mm and opening sizes from 3/8″ to 4″. Additionally, we provide PVC-coated hexagonal wire mesh for your specific needs.

    Whether galvanized or PVC-coated, starts with a steel wire base. Galvanization involves a hot-dipped zinc coating process, imparting corrosion resistance. Opting for PVC coating adds an extra layer for enhanced protection against the elements.

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Features and Advantages

    Our chicken wire mesh stands out in comparison to plastic or nylon alternatives. It offers a winning combination of being lightweight, sturdy, and evenly spaced, ensuring long-term durability. This quality makes it a cost-effective choice when compared to other galvanized fencing options.Notably, our wire mesh is exceptionally robust and resistant to slipping when being cut or shaped, ensuring ease of use and reliable performance.

  • Easy construction, no special techniques.
  • Strong corrosion resistance and weather resistance.
  • Good stability and not easy collapse.
  • Good flexibility to increase the buffer force of objects.
  • Easy installation and saving transportation costs.
  • Uniform mesh size, flat and even mesh surface, weave tightly.
  • Galvanized /pvc coated for longer life, low costs
  • Easy to handle and cut.
  • Available in many materials and sizes
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Technical Specification

    The galvanized hexagonal chicken wire mesh produced by Qiansheng is woven with high quality low carbon steel wire. The tensile strength of the steel wire is not less than 20kg/m2. Besides, the thickness of the galvanized layer can be customized according to the customer’s requirements. The maximum amount of galvanization of chicken wire mesh can reach 300g/m2.

  • Material: galvanized wire, stainless steel wire or PVC coated wire.
  • Weaving method: normal twist and reverse twist (anti-twist).
  • Surface treatment:
    • Galvanized before weaving.
    • PVC coated.
    • Hot-dipped galvanized or electro galvanized.
  • Galvanized hexagonal wire diameter: 0.3 mm – 2.0 mm.
  • PVC coated hexagonal wire diameter: 0.8 mm – 2.6 mm.
  • Aperture (inch): 5/8″, 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″ and 2″.
  • Wire gauge: 18 G, 19 G, 20 G, 21 G, 22 G, 23 G, 24 G, 25 G and 26 G.
  • Width: other specifications are available for customers’ requests.
  • Mesh application types: chicken wire and slope protection wire.
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Specification Table

Specifications of Hexagonal Chicken Wire Mesh

Specifications  Wire GaugeRoll Width
Mesh (inch)Size No (mm)ToleranceBritish System Gauge NoWire Diameter in mmBritish  systemMetric System
3/8″10+0.5BWG 27-230.41 – 0.64mm1′ – 6′0.1 – 2 m
1/2″13-1.5BWG 27-220.41 – 0.71mm1′ – 6′0.1 – 2 m
5/8″16+1.0 / -2.0 BWG 27-220.41 – 0.71mm1′ – 6′0.1 – 2 m
3/4″19+1.0 / -2.5 BWG 26-200.46 – 0.89mm1′ – 6′0.1 – 2 m
1″25+1.5BWG 25-290.51 – 1.07mm1′ – 6′0.1 – 2 m
1.25″31-3.0BWG 24-180.56 – 1.24mm1′ – 6′0.2 – 2 m
1.5″40+2.0 / -4.0 BWG 23-160.64 – 1.65mm1′ – 6′0.2 – 2 m
2″51+2.0 / -4.0BWG 22-140.71 – 2.11mm1′ – 6′0.2 – 2 m
3″76+2.0 / -4.0BWG 21-140.81 – 2.11mm1′ – 6′0.3 – 2 m
4″100+2.0 / -4.0BWG 20-120.89 – 2.8mm1′ – 6′0.5 – 2 m
                     Max. roll width: 2m. Customized sizes available.


    Galvanized hexagonal mesh is renowned for its affordability, durability, and ease of installation, making it a top choice in various construction, agricultural, and industrial applications, including:

  • Animal Enclosures: It’s used for poultry netting, rabbit fencing, birdcages, and other enclosures to safeguard animals.
  • Gardening and Agriculture: Ideal for plant cloth, tree guards, and garden fencing, helping to keep pests at bay and protect vegetation. It’s also used for pond cloth.
  • Sports and Recreation: Widely employed as fencing for tennis courts, sports fields, playgrounds, and highway fencing.
  • Erosion Control: Essential for slope protection, riverbank protection, gabion baskets, and rockfall netting, providing stability and preventing soil erosion.
  • Artistic Applications: Utilized in manufacturing sculptures and crafts, showcasing its versatility beyond functional purposes.

Packaging & Shipping

    Loading and packaging are paramount for a mesh export factory. Even with impeccable product quality, a packaging issue can overshadow it all.

    We understand the significance of not only preserving the goods but also ensuring ease of removal for the customer. This has been our focus for over a decade. Our expertise lies in the packaging of welded mesh products.This advantage has led to fruitful collaborations with clients from many countries who recognize the value we bring to the table.

1. Shrink film+ label
2. Water-proof paper+ shrink film+ label
3. Water-proof paper+ shrink film+label, then in card board carton
4. Water-proof paper+ shrink film+label, then in pallet.
5. Pack as customers’ specific requirements.

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