Expanded Metal Mesh

Expanded Metal

Expanded Metal Mesh

product description

Expanded Metal Mesh is formed as metal net product, lt is made of sheet metal after special machinery (steel net punching and shearing machine) press,die cut and expand.It is a versatile and economical product made from a high-quality metal plate.We can make the expanded metal in many sizes, openings, and material types, can be in coils and sheets.

Expanded metal Mesh is made from sheets of solid metal that are uniformly slit and stretched to create diamond-shape opens.As expanded metal is made, each row of diamond-shaped openings is offset from the next.This product is called standard expanded metal.The sheet can be rolled to produce flattened expanded metal.

The light weight property and open area percentages of expanded metal allow it to be easily formed for a variety of energy saving applications, such as light diggers, screens, grilles and filters. There are many materials for your choice, such as carbon steel, galvanized steel aluminum, stainless steel, copper or other metal alloy plate.

steel expanded mesh flattened
Steel expanded mesh flattened type for security guard
steel expanded mesh standard
Steel expanded mesh standard type for stair steps
stainless steel expanded mesh
Stainless steel expanded mesh
stainless steel expanded mesh sheet
Stainless steel expanded mesh sheet
aluminum expanded mesh small holes
Small holes aluminum expanded mesh for air filters application
aluminum expanded mesh large holes
Large holes aluminum expanded mesh for building facade
expanded dva mesh
One way vision mesh/DVA mesh for window &doors
hepa filter mesh
8×13mm diamond HEPA filter mesh powder coated.


Technical information of Expanded Metal Mesh

technical information of expanded metal mesh 1
technical information of expanded metal mesh 2
technical information of expanded metal mesh 3

Material Grade:

Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and other metal alloy plate.

SWD (Short Way Dimension):

The length of short diamond diagonal from one pitch point center to another pitch point center.

SWO (Short Way Opening):

The length of the short diagonal of the hole.

LWD (Long Way Dimension):

The length of long diamond diagonal from one pitch point center to another pitch point center.

LWO (Long Way Opening):

The length of the long diagonal of the hole.


The intersection of two strands and it is always the width of two strands. Sometimes referred to as Knuckle.

Overall Thickness:

Actual measurement of the thickness of the mesh measured at the bond.


Individual slit metal strips, or sides of an expanded metal pattern.

Strand Width:

Amount and dimensional length fed between the upper and lower tooling to produce the mesh.

Strand thickness:

Gauge or thickness of the sheet or coil from which the expanded metal was produced. It is also the thickness of the material after fattening.


Long way of expanded metal sheet.


Short way of expanded metal sheet

Expanded Metal 02 1

Material: 304stainless steel sheet
Aperture: 20x30mm
Strand width: 3mm
Surface treatment: polishing

Expanded Metal 02 2

Material: iron sheet
Aperture: 15x30mm
Strand width: 2.5mm
Surface treatment: galvanized

Expanded Metal 02 3

Material: aluminum sheet
Aperture: 7x14mm
Strand width: 2mm
Surface treatment: untreated

Expanded Metal 02 4

Material: aluminum sheet
Aperture: 15x30mm
Strand width: 3mm
Surface treatment: red power coated flat type

Expanded Metal 02 5

Material: aluminum sheet
Aperture: 5x10mm
Strand width: 1.5mm
Surface treatment: black power coated

Expanded Metal 02 6

Material: low carbon iron sheet
Aperture: 10x20mm
Strand width: 2mm
Surface treatment:white power coated lat type


Expanded metal mesh is widely used in railway, road, civil building construction, water conservancy project. It also can be used in outer wall decoration and chemical industry, as window screen,filter,etc.

Expanded Metal 03 1
Trailer Mesh,Road Mesh
Expanded Metal 03 2
Windows,Door & Skylight Guards
Expanded Metal 03 3
Expressway Fence
Expanded Metal 03 4

Package & Delivery

1.On pallet with waterproof cloth
2.In wooden case with waterproof paper
3.In carton box
4.In roll with woven bag
5.In bulk or In bundle

Expanded Metal 04 1
Expanded Metal 04 2
Expanded Metal 04 3
Expanded Metal 04 4

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