What is Perforated Metal?

What is Perforated Metal?

    Just like its name, it is a special metal sheet with holes punched in the surface by machine stamping and CNC technology, also known as perforated plate, perforated screen or perforated sheet. There are perforated aluminum sheets, perforated stainless steel sheets and perforated copper sheets. Its material is relatively thin and light, and the surface holes are variable, so it is often used as a building skin, which can play a role in reducing noise and avoiding direct.

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    Nowadays, building materials are becoming more and more abundant and novel, and a single material has long since failed to meet the needs of increasingly creative architectural designs. When we talk about building materials, we have habitually thought of marble, aluminum, paint and so on. Are you eager to have some new and innovative materials? In fact, the ordinary materials with some creativity will have unexpected surprises, such as perforated metal.

It is actually a perforated ordinary metal plate, through a different processing process, under the hands of designers can be used in a variety of ways. And create a different rhythm and architectural texture. Bring a surprise to our living or working environment.

Interesting History:

    Perforated sheet metal was invented 150 years ago, when it was used primarily as a filter and screening tool in the mining industry, first for coal filtration. As technology developed its use quickly proved to expand beyond its original function. To date, it has been widely used in architecture, landscape, and interior design. And it is also common in some household products and electrical equipment.

What are its types?


   Technically speaking, there can be many different materials used to make perforated metal sheets, including aluminum, cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, brass, red copper, titanium, Monel alloy, Inconel alloy, etc. Currently on the market, most of what you see is perforated aluminum sheet. Aluminum panels are light, chemically stable, beautiful, colorful and elegant, with a strong sense of three-dimensional decorative effect, and easy to assemble.

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Hole shape and pattern:

    The hole size and pattern of perforated panels can be carefully processed as needed. Designing holes of different sizes, densities and shapes can create various styles of translucent sight effects.

The specifications of the holes can be designed as round, square, triangular, hexagonal and long strip holes according to preference. The density of the holes can also be adjusted and changed, and after being arranged and combined, patterns can be formed to present a rich façade effect. Even engraving and drawing on the metal plate can be realized by modern technology.